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Think Payment is a company specialising in payments technology, offering clients software services and consultancy in a wide variety of modern payments technologies.  We have experience in the development and delivery of systems such as processing platforms, Near Field Communications issuance and acceptance, virtual and mobile payments, infrastructure deployment and security certification.


We have hands on experience in the design, development and delivery of cutting edge software for the payments, telecommunications and online sectors.

We specialise in areas such as rewards platform, payment terminals, ePOS integration, transaction processing, out-source and off-shore delivery and testing services.

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We can supply your organisation with short and long term services such as staffing, project management, due diligence and competitive tender management.

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We have many years of experience in the successful delivery and management of a number of technologies.  We have specialist knowledge in Near Field Communications, Open & Closed Loop Payments, Rewards Platforms, Retail Integrations, Technology Start-Ups and a wide variety of virtual and mobile card systems.

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